Babak Shafe


Address: 62 Canadian Parade, Corio, VIC 3214
Brief info

Babak holds an academic degree in electronics and programming from Urmia University of Iran. As the elite of choice at Urmia Science and Technology Park, he did a lot of research on solar systems. After that, Babak became interested in the solar spa system and was able to manage and execute the project of importing 100 solar spa to Iran.
During those years, Babak learned plumbing, engine optimization, and construction, and was able to do projects as a contractor in Iran for five years.
After coming to Australia, Babak took up his interest in solar water heater systems and in 2013 he regulated himself in the "VBA", then from year 3, he worked with other construction companies as a Sub-Contractor in the field of Plumbing. Started working.
Eventually, Babak set up his own company, Sun Boys Plumbing, in 5 years. His company has successfully completed many projects in the fields of Services- Solar Heating System- Maintenance- General Plumbing. He has also achieved another goal in Melbourne that has been entrepreneurship.